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Improvements make for a better band - 91%

OSheaman, July 27th, 2003

Steel Attack's third album is a definite improvement in sound quality over the other two, although the basic premise of the band; namely, amazing guitar work, still remains its strongest feature.

The guitars are the key here, folks. Their playing is almost as fast as early Children of Bodom, and the riffage and overall work is better than most bands out there. The drums are also solid in the beat, and the bass is definitely more of a presence, revealing the fact that he, too, is quite skilled. The vocals are a huge improvement over Fall Into Madness, as they have a lot more force and sound behind their fruity tales of lost kingdoms. In essence, Steel Attack has taken what they did best and improved on it impressively to make a solid band.

Highlights. The best song on here, and a candidate for the coveted Top Ten Power Metal Songs of All Time is the opening number, Predator of the Empire. It features a lightning-fast bass solo to open up the track (à la Warheart) which explodes into one of the coolest opening guitar riffs I have ever heard. The drumming is solid and steady, and the vocals are strong, especially in the excellent chorus line. The Darkness features a fast-as-hell opening guitar riff and vocals that are vaguely reminiscent of post-Kai Iron Savior. Heavy Metal God features another amazing opening guitar riff that os followed up with a nice supporting song, and so does The Holy Sign (in fact, they pretty much all do so on here; same thing as Fall Into Madness).

So, what we have here is a band that was already a solid Power Metal sound and has improved upon their weaker points--namely, the vocals and the bass. The result is an excellent cheesy Power Metal band worthy of your money. A solid buy for the fan and newcomer alike.