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What a surprise from Finland! - 87%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, August 27th, 2008

Melodic thrash metal from Finland? To me it sounded so strange but it’s real. Back in the 80s there was someone who believed in another form of metal instead of the classic death metal and these Statue are here to tell us this. Their album is from 1990 and the most extreme genres were already arisen more or less all over the northern countries but this band didn’t care and so let’s get ready to enjoy the technical and the melodic level of a truly good band.

The first bands that came to my mind while I was listening to this album were Paradox, Toxik and Hades. These three bands were so important at the time for those who wanted to listen to good and melodic music with thrash metal influences. The vocals are mostly melodic but never on high tonalities and also this is good to me because they are not exaggerated and somehow they go well with the rest of the music that is never too fast but quite catchy and harmonious. The tempo is more mid-paced but catchy and some restarts are good to break the sound.

For example, the first two songs are perfect examples of well balanced heaviness with melody. The tempo here is far from being impulsive and the guitars are great at creating a complicated carpet of almost progressive riffs that don’t forget the thrash metal attitude in the palm muting parts even if they are mixed with lots of passages on the chords and duets. “No Way” is the first faster song we meet but the breaks are always present and mostly progressive. I don’t like progressive metal at all, but the thrash metal virus (good in this case) contributes in adding an impulsive vein that continues also with the following “Political Pollution”.

The fast bass drum parts are well alternated to the up tempo and the mid-paced moments are in pure American style and sometimes remind me Anthrax too. The sound is full and sharp and able to exalt all the instruments, bass included. Its sound is always pounding behind the guitars and the solos are shredded in most of the parts, creating a good contrast with the more technical parts by the rhythmic guitars.
As you saw, the length of the songs is quite short but with all those passages and tempo changes, this band gives you the idea of completeness, and it’s not just an idea…These musicians are truly good and in such short extents they are able to be catchy, technical and convincing.

To a more “in your face” and simple song like “Up and Down”, we oppose the tragic feeling of a darker “For your Country”. The guitars have something of more modern but nothing annoying at all because the groove metal is not so rooted in these parts and a hardcore vein is always present, even during the chorus and the tempo. “Believe or Not” is more energetic and with more parts on up tempo but the funkish and the hardcore elements are always present during the more technical breaks.

Overall, I was quite surprised by this band. I mean, I didn’t expect such a good quality level from an almost unknown band and once again I was wrong. This is another proof of the various injustices by the world of music. This band surely deserved more attention and I hope to have contributed to a tardy but deserved tribute.