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Schizophrenia in musical form - 97%

Sigillum_Dei_Ameth, March 25th, 2012

Starkweather is a band that is for the lack of word: dangerous. They are a band that you don't want to find in the back of a dark alley off their meds due to their mysterious nature and schizophrenic style of metaled-up hardcore music(seriously....metal mixed with hardcore??? haha. that'll never work. pfft!) to the point where the entire sound is not based on the riffs, nor the lack of breakdowns, nor the endless manic-like poetry/lyrics, but just the idea that the music isn't structured to where it's identifiable. Oh it is, it's nutty as a fucking fruitcake. But I honestly cannot compare Starkweather to any other band. They are within that class of bands/acts such as Converge, Integrity, the Infamous Gehenna, Sam's Black Church,. and even Confessor to a certain extent. You know those bands, the ones that never got the world-wide recognition for their roles in doing something different but other acts turn into Myspace scene bands and fingerbang all the cheap 16 year old jailbait pussy around. Starkweather is different. They are that group of people that are the outcasts in the group of the outcasts. They are fucking out there. They put fear into the nuts themselves.

I can't even properly go into the music first off. First let me just click and paste their influences(the band Starkweather that is): Voivod, Celtic Frost, Amebix, Articles of Faith, Swans, Fear of God, Fields of the Nephilim, Gorguts, Atheist, Void, Confessor, CoC, Watchtower, Prong, Mercyful Fate, Memento Mori...and that is taken directly from numerous sources. So taken from that list we see various thrash, crust-punk, goth, progressive, hardcore-punk influences. So what are Starkweather trying to tell us? I mean if mixing metal with hardcore wasn't enough the lead singer has the fucking audacity to go from a sneering mad-scientist cackle to a crooning melody to a raging bull about to take your head off. Again, what are they trying to prove? You can have heavy music with melodic vocals in different refrains and versus? There are none. To listen to Starkweather is like a roller coaster of sounds and the guitars and vocals are the more prominent aspects of that ride. The guitars are clear yet dirty, crunchy, and you already know about the vocals. Lyrically I don't know what these guys are talking about. Some weird abstract shit that only an Autistic child would be able to jack-off too and make that even more contrast.

Ok, I'll back off from the ironic writings and explain to you what Starkweather really is. They were one of the founding bands in the early 90's alongside Converge, Earth Crisis, Integrity, Sheer Terror and a host of other acts that gave birth to modern-day Metalcore. Only Starkweather are the completely polar opposite of what you might think what Metalcore SHOULD sound like. I mean these guys are the real deal holy field here son. There is no song structure here. It's truly an amazing album in the fact how the music literally flows right out of these guys. They are performing a Buddhist-like ritual whenever I listen to songs such as "Mean Streets" and "Above The Rafters" where the energy these guys are giving off is making my head go into dizzy spells (or may be it's from the beer I drank last night while staring at hot chick's asses at some club, who knows). And that is why I mean that Starkweather is dangerous because even if they are one of metalcore's founding bands, in numerous interviews they've even said they never wanted anything to do with it. When listening to their music, it's like poetry. It's art. It's some next-level shit that I can't even describe at times. Oh it's heavy, it's chugging, it's fast, yet it's very eerie, melodic, spooky, and downright scary.

"Crossbearer" is an album that is a hidden gem. It's a piece of art that doesn't sound like it belongs anywhere specifically. It's out-there. It's different. It's everything I just explained and then some. It's a helluva album that if you want to see someone shit their pants in trying to figure out, play it to them. Definitely a must for those inquiring of where music has come, where it's gone, where's it is currently, and just damn near where it could go and where it could be one day. "Crossbearer" is dissonant, jagged, angular, and discordant as well as abrasive, noisy, violent, claustrophobic, and dense. An extreme assault on the senses. A kaleidoscope of noise. Enter at your own risk.