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This is really bad! - 13%

Ancient_Minstrel, May 14th, 2007

I only spent 10 Swedish kronor on this release (approximately 1 dollar and 70 cents) but I am still disappointed. If I had thrown away my money it would have spared me a lot of suffering. I bought this without knowing anything about the band, except that the definition on MA was Power/Gothic Metal. Before I started listening, I saw in the booklet that the female vocalist thanked Rhapsody and Nightwish for being her main sources of inspiration. I can see what she means. The music of the band builds upon recycled Rhapsody-riffs, with the difference that Star Queen’s guitarist has managed to take away all speed and intensity from them. This is combined with extremely uninteresting drumming and keyboard sounds, which mostly seem to appear by mistake.

The second inspiration was Nightwish, and in some ways that is correct as well. The worst side of Nightwish has been skilfully integrated in Star Queen’s music. That is the lyrics; just like those of Nightwish, the lyrics are hopeless. I would like to say to the vocalist, who has written them: “The ubiquity of your incompetence as a lyricist contradicts the theory of a pantheistic god!” They mostly consist of sentences that are grammatically incorrect and in no way connected to each other. It is not made better by the fact that words like "fairy", "butterfly", "flower" and "rainbow" are present quite often.

The song material is mostly really boring, but that is at least better than when it hurts me psychically by being so incredibly annoying. Most songs contain the Rhapsody-riffs I mentioned, some hardly audible keyboard, some Gothic chants and worst of all: the worthless vocalist. She tries to use several singing styles, and fail miserably with most of them. First she tries to sound dark and scary … oooh, we are really frightened. She is about as intimidating as Bowser in the Super Mario games. Second she turns on the Tarja-worshipping, combined with the Nightwish-like lyrics that is actually quite scary. I mean who would believe that anything could sound that bad. Third she goes into a slow mode where the words have to fight their way out of her mouth. This is not as bad, but extremely boring. Last, and worst, is the style where she goes up into short falsetto-squeaks. I cannot really describe it with words, but it makes me want to shoot the person who decided that that was the way to go with the vocals.

The biggest problem with this release is not that it contains lame riffs, unenthusiastic drumming or bad vocals. The worst thing is that there does not seem to be any real idea behind it. Many of the songs build entirely on the vocalist, and it almost seems like they have said: “Sing something and then we’ll play a bit in the background”. Her singing seldom follows the rhythm or melody; instead the vocal lines just kind of float there in the middle of everything, and that gives an exceptionally unprofessional impression. It also makes all the songs (with one exception) so boring that they would make Mickey Rooney on LSD fall asleep.

But, as you probably noticed, I said that there was one song that escaped my judgement. And that is so! The song “The Myth” at least has a decent and pretty melodious chorus, which gives that song a slightly higher grade than the others. It is not really good, but not bad either. That is, however, the only positive thing with this release; my advice is: split-up or start creating ideas before you make music!