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A new, light "beginning" - 90%

Kommandojonna, April 26th, 2012

In 2012 Stam1na is one of the biggest metal bands in Finland. In 2001 they were a small independent band without a recording deal. Vihaa demo takes its listener to past where the band was, in their own words, somewhat searching their identity. Vihaa can be considered a prelude of their career, although the members themselves consider Väkivaltakunta to more important release in for present Stam1na. Years 2001-2002 were rather times of scrabbling.

Vihaa demo represents us renewed Stam1na. On this release the band has changed language from English to Finnish and their musical style has moved from Stone and Sepultura influenced speed/thrash metal to lighter direction. Musically the demo is more rock than metal.

Demo differs quite a lot from the nowadays Stam1na, but the basic elements are still quite same. Both, the past and the present Stam1na, lean on choruses. In addition, Eudaimonia has some complex parts and instrumental sections which are still present in Stam1na's music.

Both tracks are melodic and rather light. Vihaa is very straight-forward and melodic piece with a nice chorus. On the other hand, Eudaimonia is more complex, but not as good as the title track.

Productionally the demo is quite good, though low frequenzes could have been heightened more in the mastering process. No bad word from instrumentation and Antti sings well in clean parts but his harsh vocals are not as good.

All in all, Vihaa is represents us a lighter Stam1na. The demo is not metal, but it is still an excellent rock release.