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Tighter Sound, Worse Music - 77%

Kommandojonna, May 1st, 2012

In 2003 released Väkivaltakunta EP can be considered asStam1na's foundation stone as it remembers much more the present Stam1na than Vihaa and Promo 2002. Melodies and catchy choruses, which are the kind of core of Stam1na's music, had been present already on two previous demo releases, but on Väkivaltakunta Stam1na move to heavier style. Musically Väkivaltakunta is more alternative metal than hard rock, like the two previous releases. Väkivaltakunta also contains a lot of material and riffs which later appeared, or were planned to appear, on Stam1na's debut album or on later albums.

Väkivaltakunta represents us a band which plays better and tighter together. Hyrde has also evolved to better and more impressive singer. Despite of improvements, there are still some hazards. For example the lyrics have a few odd lines and the songs are not as good as the material of two previous releases.

Elämäsi repliikki, Miekannielijä and Joutsen are the best tracks on this EP. Joutsen is a ballad and something what Stam1na hasn't reached on their later works anymore. The track is very dynamic and beautiful. On the other hand, Älä puhu poika is the worst song on this release. It isn't bad but very mediocre. Väkivaltakunta and Erillaisen rakkauden todistaja are good, but they were played much better on the s/t album. Worth of mention is the guitar solo of Elämäsi repliikki which remembers very much the guitar solo of Symphony X's Of Sins and Shadows.

Väkivaltakunta is not as good as two previous demos, although it contains much heavier music. Despite the release is worse than two previous records, the band has evolved much, which was essential for future.