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"In the Trail of Anger" - 86%

Kommandojonna, April 28th, 2012

Stam1na's second Finnish demo Promo 2002 continues there, where the last demo Vihaa ended. Musically demo is somewhere between hard rock and alternative metal. Although the music is mostly light, the first track Koe murha! gives some clue of future's musical direction. The band would "return" to heavier style.

Koe murha! starts the demo with blast and it is the heaviest song on this demo. Unfortunately, it is also the worst one. It is good, but doesn't convince. Vocals are somewhat dissembling and in the solo part the instrumentation is rather fumbling. Regardless its downsides, the song has potential which was to be proven in Stam1na's debut album.

Eivät ikinä saa reminds from Eudaimonia, which appeared on last demo. Like Eudaimonia, Eivät ikinä saa is quite complex (although not as complex and "experimental" as Eudaimonia), but still very melodic and catchy song. Arjen sankari is compositionally simpler than Eivät ikinä saa, but not worse. Both tracks have a very catchy and melodic chorus.

In Promo 2002 Stam1na still relies on melodies and choruses like on previous demo. Like Vihaa demo, this demo is very good rock release and can't really be referred as a metal release. Although Promo 2002 continues on lighter waters, It contains some similar material what woud become more on future releases.