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Excellent material, but quite futile release - 90%

Kommandojonna, May 1st, 2012

Lihaa demo was recorded shortly after Arkkitehti demo. At the time Stam1na was negotiating with their current label Sakara Records. Lihaa continues the same musical direction than Arkkitehti.

Lihaa demo is musically very good. Sananen lihasta is a very straightforward and already and excellent song although it was rearranged quite a lot for debut album. The basic idea is still the same though. Pyhä yksinkertaisuus is more complex song and not as heavy as Sananen lihasta. It was recorded worse in future sessions and didn't make it way to the album. However it was released as a b-side on Kadonneet kolme sanaa single.

There isn't much to say about Lihaa demo, since the material was composed recorded almost right after their previous work. If the band would had combining the best material of Lihaa and Arkkitehti, there would had been a perfect release. Nevertheless, Lihaa is an evidence of Stam1na's capabilities near the recording their first album. Therefore it is an important release, since it polished the band to the starting point of their mind blowing debut album.