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Preparing to Debut - 87%

Kommandojonna, May 1st, 2012

Stam1na gained a lot of fame with Väkivaltakunta EP in 2003. They eventually went to tour with Mokoma, as an opening act. The tour got big wheels moving as Stam1na got signed with Mokoma's label, Sakara Records. In 2004 Stam1na recorded two demos in quite short timespan which finally got the long waited recording deal for the band. Arkkitehti is the first one of these two demos, being an example from what kind of Stam1na was in 2004.

Like Stam1na's previous works, Arkkitehti marks an evolution to heavier sound. While Väkivaltakunta was more alternative metal, Arkkitehti is far more groove metal, like Pantera or Machine Head. Though being a mere demo, Arkkitehti contains far better and riper material than Väkivaltakunta. All tracks on this demo would eventuallly end to Stam1na's debut album.

Paha arkkitehti is a very good opener. Unlike Koirapoika and Peto rakasti sinua, Paha arkkitehti sounds already very good when compared to version of the eponymous album. Koirapoika and Peto rakasti sinua are also very good songs, but not as good as the "title track". Koirapoika and Peto rakasti sinua were also recorded better in 2005.

All in all, Arkkitehti is productionally, materially and instrumentally very good demo and better than Stam1na's previous records in aforesaid things. Lyrics are also better, while on Väkivaltakunta they still sometimes shared sense of shame. Although Arkkitehti is a very good release, I don't see any other reason than collecting to pay millions for this release, since all songs were recorded better for Stam1na.