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For those who aren't afraid of a BRUTAL release! - 75%

gabalgabow, April 15th, 2003

To find the most extreme and savage releases of a band, you very often have to search for their very first releases! When rebellion and total destruction were the only words in their spiteful mouths!
And here you have Brutal Grind that was way more extreme, disjoncted and Brutal than their latest releases! It sounds more underground and unpolished! Total Grind with influences from the exploded guts of "Reek of putrefaction" and old face rust's detruncation Grind Crust punch bastards that destructed Uk from 86 to 89!
Vocals regurgitator tends to pitch shift his pilled face while the use of Hardcore nasum delirias where included as fuck! And by the way, it sounded quite fresh as they didn't want to cluster their compositions in the Grindcore mould! Disjoncted, shredded, Crust and Fresh!
No perfect sound for the "wanna be metal" bastards who can go back listening to their so perfectly produced and technical gutless last CANNIBAL CORPSE's CDs! Total shredd sound and with a shitload of overdriven parasites that makes the Gore psychotize the brain!
I didn't like that much the last releases of SQUASH BOWELS, their very best of is their split CD with MALIGNANT TUMOUR and the "Something nice" Ep I'm reviewing here! It was totally extreme from the sound to the riffs, vocals, drums, artwork!
Worth the listening for grinders who aren't afraid of a BRUTAL release!!