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Winter Sporting Blasphemy - 78%

PestSmitta, December 10th, 2007

First of all, one must understand that Sportlov is not a band to take too seriously. They write lyrics about skiing, for crying out loud, albeit with malicious intent. Now when we've got that sorted out, let's move to the record itself.

Musically, we are talking about really competent black metal with clear thrash/death influences. The production is crystal clear, and each instrument gets its share of the action, although the bass could be a bit higher. Even though swedish vocals, every fan of black metal should be able to enjoy the musical aspect of this record, at least if you are a fan of metal with a bit of attitude.

As mentioned, the lyrics are about skiing and satanism. One track, Bränn Holmenkollen, Behåll Lugnet (Burn Holmenkollen, Maintain the Calm) deals with skiing over the Swedish-Norwegian border and burning Oslo to the ground, whilst grilling hotdogs over the flames. Not a high-point in black metal lyrc work, but they are indeed amusing and hilarious, and works as a beer-drinking soundtrack, preferably during wintertime with snow lying thick over the landscape.

A good record, with bonus points for the comical aspect and for the competent instrument (ab)use. Of course, it's best enjoyed if you are, in fact, Swedish, but as mentioned, I think everyone can enjoy this.