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Splinter - Splinter

Mean & Raw - 90%

Bodosa, May 15th, 2024
Written based on this version: 2024, CD, Raw and Extreme Records

Thrash trio Splinter has finally come out with their much-anticipated self-titled EP. 19 minutes of raw, old-school fast-thrash metal with a touch of suave. The band has been able to captivate my mind with their relentless and speedy blend of thrash and sensitive topics that are not discussed by all.

The very first track in the EP is 'Weapon X', which starts off with a flesh-ripping solo and intense trashy riffs, which clearly show the influence of 'Teutonic' thrash titans Destruction and Sodom. The riffs are fast-paced, and the bass is down-tuned and loud, along with the deafening sound of the drums. 'Toxic Death' is the song that is my favorite track on this EP and talks about the 'Bhopal Gas Tragedy' that unfolded in the 1980s, where a lot of innocent lives were lost because of the leakage of toxic gases from a pesticide plant. This particular track is one of the heaviest in the EP and has a soothing melody-laden part that transitions into a barrage of melodic solos with fast-paced groovy drums. Nilabja, the vocalist and bassist of the band, impresses me most with his impeccable playing style and harsh vocals. His vocals are a perfect fit for the overall sound of the band, as they sync well with the drums and guitars. Tracks like 'Eldritch Evil' and 'Kill the Parasite' are the most groovy tracks in the EP, which create a moshing atmosphere for the listener. If you were to be drunk, then it's obvious that these songs can make you go crazy with rage and excitement.

Every aspect of this EP has been really promising. Starting from the songwriting to the lyrical themes, everything has been top-notch. The production quality of the EP has also been stellar and of international standards. If one happens to be a fan of fast and relentless thrash metal, then this band should surely strike a chord. I am excited and eager to know what this impressive trio can deliver in the future.