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Not a Damn Thing Wrong Here... - 100%

NocturnalToke, June 13th, 2005

Veterans of the stoner-esque, retro groove metal "scene" are back and possibly stronger than ever. The new vocalist JB (also in Grand Magus) who replaced Spice a while back is the PERFECT fit for this band. Every element of this band oozes pure talent, drive and originality. They may be deriving their sound from bands and musical movements that are considered a thing of the past, but the blend of each influence (such as sabbath, zeppelin and a few others) is completely original and seemingly never gets old. Michael Amott is probably one of the best metal guitarists to ever grace the planet. He makes Arch Enemy worth listening to, sometimes anyway. But in Beggars, he truly shines beyond the typical melo-death shredding. His riffs are entrancing at times and fucking blow your face off at other times. All in all, a very accomplished and well respected musician. The drummer Ludwig Witt is excellent as well. His style is reminiscent of many of the old time hard rock drummers of the golden era aka THE FUCKING 70'S!!! Per Wiberg OWNS that fucking hammond organ like its no ones business. I've always been a huge fan of the hammond organ sound, and this guy knows exactly what hes doing at all times, with incredible feeling behing what he plays. This band has been through a couple of bassists which isn't so surprising, but their current player Sharlee D'Angelo holds his own and does not disappoint in the slightest. These swedes have been around for longer than most people think (13 years) and with each release they grow stonger and stronger, and thats really a pleasure to see. They play what they feel and they feel what they play, and to me thats the MOST important thing in music, otherwise you're just wasting everyones time. Also, the live CD is worth checking out as well, some nice beggars classics on it and a really cool jam at the end where JB introduces the band in a very classy and light hearted way, kind of like Ozzy does (Misstaaaa Bill Waaaaarrdddd etc etc). BUY this album, support this band and spread the word!!!