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Underproduced to Hell, but fucking brutal. - 75%

Kanwvlf, July 24th, 2004

Holy shit, this is so fucking underproduced. The guitar is just a huge fuzz, and the drums are a metal banging sound in the background, but the music is brutal as anything, and the vocals are fucking gruff with these high-pitched growlscreams.

When you can actually hear the riffs, they're pretty good, and well performed. The vocals are well performed, and sound fucking sick. The drums are completely unimpressive, as they're just the same sound over and over. This demo comes along, beats up your wife, shits on your face, and leaves again. It's just brutal.

Even the solos are a huge fuzzy mess, but are distinguishable in all the fuzz, and are pretty good. Download this demo if you like your music brutal, your life isn't complete without being fuzzed to death by this.