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Those fucking riffs....... - 95%

ozzypossum, October 4th, 2010

For some reason, Spirit Caravan never gets a lot attention. Maybe it was because they were overshadowed by Wino's former band, Saint Vitus and The Obsessed. Maybe they weren't publicized enough. Whatever the reason, the world missed out on a great band, period. "Dreamwheel" was the Caravan's first E.P. and second release. This release proved that in just short of 20 minutes, Spirit Caravan could kick your ass with nothing but their riffs.

This E.P. starts off with a monster of a riff with the title track, Dreamwheel. As with a lot of Spirit Caravan's music, they seem to mix psychedelic sounds into their blend of doom, and this track is no exception. The next track is "Burnin' Up" which sounds much angrier and more evil than the former. This song sounds much like Wino's last band, The Obsessed, which was a much angrier sounding band. The next track "Re-alignment/Higher Power" is really just an interlude. It starts off with multiple trippy guitar sounds before launching into a fast Iommiesque guitar solo from Wino with Gary's hard-hitting beats close behind. "Sun Stoned" sounds much like the first track. It is almost psychedelic doom, which is perfectly fine. Like the other tracks, the riff in this is quite catchy. The next song, "C. Yourself," sounds very different from the other tracks. It is definitely "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" era Sabbath influenced, like everything else, but the verse is really just a palm muted power chord. The band does pull this song off however, it is not a bad track in the slightest

Overall this album gets a 95. Why a 95? Because it's not long enough! This should have been another album really. It is a great find for any fan of Doom/Stoner/Progressive/Classic Metal anywhere. This E.P. proves that Caravan was no bullshit band, and that they were going to take the Doom-world by storm.