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Hymn after hymn - 80%

diogoferreira, October 17th, 2020

Releasing records that are recipient of nice reviews since 2016, Spirit Adrift are here to stay with great preponderance and “Enlightened in Eternity” is, without a doubt, Nate Garrett's best album as a heavy doomster.

With a hard childhood (surrounded by conservative and christian people) and with an equally troubled adolescence (a lot of booze at a young age), Nate has been using Spirit Adrift to immerse himself even more in the darkness of life, but it seems that everything is changing for the better with this “Enlightened in Eternity” - the title says it all!

During 45 minutes we will be surprised by an elegant and extremely catchy heavy/doom metal with a light at the end of the tunnel. And does this last note make sense when we talk about doom? Mostly don't, but with Spirit Adrift it does! Of course not everything is a bed of roses, but let us surf Nate Garrett's good vibe with lyrics that deal with personal discovery towards a better life, lighting the dark depths where secrets are kept and the perseverance of never doubting on what you can achieve if you keep yourself free.

Overall, Spirit Adrift's new album is as if Angel Witch meet Black Sabbath (“Astral Levitation”), always with a touch of American hard-rock lurking around (“Screaming from Beyond”). Spectacularly, each track has always at least one memorable riff or guitar lead extracted from the creativity of a Nate Garrett who is touched by Midas.

At a mostly mid-tempo rhythm, the album has a scent of seduction ("Battle High") but also of obvious condemnation ("Reunited in the Void"), and you don't get bored. So, from time to time we need to shake things up, right? For that reason, among riffs related to Candlemass's epic doom metal, Spirit Adrift also include some striking parts with an exciting heavy metal energy.

In short, Spirit Adrift are mandatory and this “Enlightened in Eternity” has hymn after hymn in it. If you like A-list heavy/doom metal, then you must listen to it urgently!