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Spirit Adrift - Angel & Abyss Redux EP

The Angel Re-Appeared And Led The Path (Returning To Eternity) - 80%

CHAIRTHROWER, July 16th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, 20 Buck Spin

As with Fresno's gelid Haunt or Raleigh's kingly Knightmare, am smitten, albeit for different reasons, by Austin/Phoenix's ineluctably floating and orb-like Spirit Adrift, which, in June, whipped up this here beatifically rapt, three-track EP/single titled Angel & Abyss Redux, encapsulating a stellar, as well as mercurial, eponymous original, alongside grooving reprises of Roky & The Aliens' upbeat "I Think Of Demons" and Jimi Hendrix Experience radio staple-golden oldie, "The Wind Cries Mary".

Now, these may look like strange choices, but who here at the prestigious Metal Archives doesn't recall Type O Negative's slow burning, yet no-less antediluvian, covers of Hendrix's "Hey, Joe" and Seals & Croft's hauntingly estival "Summer Breeze"?

At any rate, as on last year's climatic third full-length, Divided By Darkness, the line-up for this twelve minute morsel remains comprised of drummer Marcus Bryant (formerly of Gale, Lurid State) and everyday journey man/vocalist/yodeller Nate Garrett (ex-Queen Beast, Gatecreeper) beginning, peligiac-like, on said "Angel & Abyss Redux" proper (which takes up half the EP), where the latter's comfortably languid mid-range "drifts", harmonious and chill-axe style, abreast cleanly strummed guitar - very similar to first few tracks from 2017's excellent Curse of Conception sophomore.

As cryptically woven opening cut, the main presentation gets underway at 04:30, whence the picking picks up, overladen above Bryant's frenzied, almost tribal, percussion, and thus, until Roky E. and the gang's shoogie-boogie-woogie anthem fills the airwaves with cleanly reverb'd - and as jolly or hand-clapped - wheezing blues legerdemain. (I dig part where Nate croons "Lucifer, Lucifer, Lucifer, we've been waiting on you...".) The trilling electric guitar and increasingly echoed chord rips lend the track a definite breezy, Summer-time feel, not to mention slightly Bad Wizard-ish stoner metal vibe.

Last, but not least, expect a wonderful take on The Bat's "The Wind Cries Mary", courtesy of our esteemed Arizonian/Texan outfit. I wouldn't be shocked if, at a certain point - say, potential fourth release - Spirit Adrift whacks us dead with a festively chthonic Beatles encore. Suffice it to say, the Angel & Abyss Redux EP - under Pittsburghese powerhouse 20 Buck Spin, despite fancy name, is prerequisite listening for any SA fan.

*As caveat, check out their Metal Injection (sponsored) Stay At Home Fest, on youtube, as it surely enriches the "experience".