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Music from beyond - 99%

Wra1th1s, May 3rd, 2008

Please disregard whatever score I choose to give this album. This album transcends ratings, rankings and other mundane human concepts.

Do you like prog? Do you like Demilich? Do you have the courage to try something so bizarre, you just might lose your mind? If you said yes to the first two, then this is not the album for you. If you said yes to the last one, then read on.

There should be a health warning on this album something along the lines of, "Abandon all hope, ye who listen to this." This album is so very out there in ways you cannot even imagine! Spiral Architect are either geniuses or madmen, there is no way a sane man can write or even play music like this!

I have no idea how to review this. The album is so criminally underproduced, yet somehow it sounds perfectly fine. The songs are also unconventionally structured, one second they play in 23/16, the next they play in 4/4. The music will make you GO INSANE! This band somehow manage to make this kind of aural mindfuck and play it with such ease.

Let's start with the production. This is a horrible production job, the drums lack 'power,' the guitar tone sucks and the guitars are mixed quite low, the vocals are alternate between loud and quiet in the same song, the keyboards are very prominent here. But the BASS! The BASS! This guy puts almost every bassist to shame, I mean it. The bass is mixed louder than everything else for no reason whatsoever. It is just engineered to fuck with your mind and drive you to the very edge of sanity.

Then comes the songs. The songs are not actual 'songs' mind you, I have absolutely no idea when one song starts or ends unless I see my CD/mp3 player. In a song there could be acoustic parts (very hard acoustic parts mind you, not just strumming the strings but actually SHREDDING on an acoustic guitar,) and keyboard parts that comes from nowhere and disappear just as suddenly. The drums do their thing while the bassist shreds his balls off. Meanwhile, the vocalist will come in sing in tounges and leave, only to come back with even more Glossolalia.

As you can see, this is not your average metal album. Hell, it's not even your average prog metal album. This out weirds Demilich's Nespithe and that is not something that ANYONE can accomplish.

If you value your mental health, then don't buy/download this album. If, however, you feel the need to explore the realms beyond, then by all means track this album down.