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I'm afraid I misunderstand the point. - 30%

Necropsychotic, May 21st, 2009

Where to begin with this release? There really is no substance in this album. Mindbending technicality just does not cut it if this is all you have to show for the album's high points. Don't get me wrong, these gentlemen can really play their instruments, but just don't go anywhere with it. I fail to see a point in this album, except to show off its musicians' skills, which there is aplenty. This band, much like some of the previous reviewers, does remind me of Dream Theater. This band is what I like to refer to as a "musician's band". All they do is show off their technical skills without showing any real passion for playing. It seems like they really have no desire to be a "band", per se, but they want to come together and pull off their technical wankery as an outfit in an attempt to sound like a coherent collective entity we all like to call a "band".

The bass appears to be the backbone of this album, surprisingly enough. It is almost always heard and is almost always doing its own thing. It appears that the bass is the lead instrument while everything else takes a back seat to its rhythm and grooves. Sure there are no bass solos, but the bass is still the instrument the others revolve around, as without it, there would be almost no coherence or links between the other instruments.

The guitarist is here solely to show off his technical prowess. He has no essential point for being on this album. Solos aside, the guitarist tends to follow (yes, you heard me, follow) the bass lines on the album. The technical breaks the guitarist randomly throws in do not do anything to make the song more interesting. It actually takes away from the song in my opinion. I do listen to my share of technical bands, but at least they seem to know what they are doing in dealing with coherency and consistency issues, that is. The technical breaks cause most of the songs to lose credibility as they nearly ruin the consistency of the songs, in other words no flow. The acoustic guitars have even less of a point in this album, adding absolutely nothing to the rather crappy atmosphere of this album.

The drums and keyboard both take a back seat in this album. The drums are constantly drowned out by the triple attack of the guitars (acoustic included), bass and vocals, and the keyboard is hardly heard at all. The drums had potential to be good, but with the constant time changes and tech breaks, this also kills the flow of the songs. It just plods on with little to show other than technical knowledge. The keyboard was nearly absent.

The vocals really did nothing to add to the songs either, despite clearly being the best element on this album. They do not fit since there is no possible way that one can put vocals over this overly technical bullshit. He could be the greatest vocalist in the world, but would still go to naught since not even the best vocals can save this ruined project called an album.

To conclude, I have to say that this album really did nothing to open my eyes wider to look for other releases from this band. Thankfully, they do not have any other full-length releases, however. They are wasting their time, as well as mine. To waste precious time of others does not prove to be a good money-making tool. I cannot recommend this to anybody, unless you like Dream Theater, which I do not. This was a profound waste of time that I can only stress to other people not to listen to it.