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These go up to 11... - 85%

MasterRocking, November 21st, 2007

“We say love your brother… well we don’t literally say it… well we don’t really believe in it”… Spinal Tap is back for the attack! And I have good news for you all; this album is not just a joke! It’s actually very good! We’ve got great song writing, great singing and great solos. But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of humor.

Perhaps those of us over the age of about 18 or so will remember an episode of The Simpsons entitled “The Otto Show” in which Spinal Tap performs at the beginning. And do you also remember seeing the band members illuminated with spot-lights singing “We are the children who grew too fast”? Years later I’ve bought Break Like The Wind and its title track is that same song… and what a song. You wouldn’t expect it, what with this band being a parody of heavy metal but it’s actually an awesome and haunting song which features some totally ass kicking solos by Jeff Beck and Joe Satriani amongst others.

The album has a lot of variety. “Bitch School” (easily the funniest song ever written) is a nice slow tempo deal with a chorus that deserves to have stadiums singing along to it. “The Majesty of Rock” is very operatic and you can really hear that these guys are taking their humor and parody very seriously with the amount of detail they’ve put into songs like this. “Just Begin Again” is a nice little ballad (if you’re the type of metal fan who enjoys a good ballad here and there) which would have sounded better if Cher was not singing in it… don’t worry, she only does one verse and she doesn’t sound too bad. To be honest, female singers get MUCH worse than Cher… but hey, this website and album are about HEAVY FUCKING METAL!

“The Sun Never Sweats”… I can’t even describe this song. I want to laugh out loud out loud at its ridiculous title but the song just kicks too much ass and I find myself singing the lyrics! “Rainy Day Sun” is a return to Spinal Tap’s roots… think “Gimme Some Money” from their 1982 release “This is Spinal Tap”. “Stinkin’ Up The Great Outdoors”… ridiculous and more bluesy than the rest of the album. “Break Like The Wind” I’ve already described as a haunting epic… regardless of its hilarious title.

The album dies in the ass a bit towards the tail end but satisfies nevertheless. So overall we have an album that we would expect to be extremely shitty but is actually very impressive. St. Hubbins, Tufnel and Smalls (to use their character names) have put a great deal of hard work into making their music and it truly shows. And you’ll find it hard to laugh at such great songs despite funny names… but never fear, if you need a laugh just skip back to “Bitch School” over and over and over.