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Impressive - 77%

tallhagillani, January 15th, 2008

This full lengtht album by Spetalsk is better than their earlier efforts, which is great because their old stuff was pretty much average and their approach was old, they were not making the type of music which could be appreciated in the modern black metal scene but this album contains above average raw black metal songs, this is not as raw as raw black metal was founded in early nineties, this is raw black metal as it should be according to the present music scenario.

There're only few raw black metal bands who have reached a legendary status other than those few no one was able to reach that status because doing something extraordinary in such raw and extreme form of music is something that is not easy to achieve. I am impressed with Spetalsk that how much better they've become.

In old school raw black metal (I am only referring to the best) the riffs were audible and distinguishable, the drumming however was of the sort that used to blend in the mix. In this album the vocals are very harsh and typical, the riffs are fast, distorted and clearly audible, which is a great thing and the drumming is fast and perfect for this sort of sound and can be distinguished clearly, other than these two instruments nothing is audible. But who wants anything other than riffs and drums in raw black metal.

This might not be as raw to be considered old school raw black metal sound but this is a good black metal album which will be liked not only by the fans of raw black metal but general black metal fans as well. Fans of Norwegian black metal bands should definitely check this out.

According to me the drumming on this album is better than the riffs, eventhough the riffs are good but they're not memorable and the only good solo is in the last song but it lasts for only few seconds. I am sure that their new album will be even better and I had a good time listening to this album, hope you'll enjoy the blast beasts and crunching riffs.