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Good black metal fusion music debut - 77%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, February 20th, 2007

This is a very good debut album of black / industrial / ambient fusion music by the Paris-based studio project Spektr run by Haemoth and Krig. The duo has a very distinctive steely sound, vicious and frightening, like constantly chattering metal needle fangs in a giant robot raptor as it spies its victims from miles away and speeds over with spot-on accuracy to scoop it up in some fantastical sci-fi / horror story. This buzzsaw guitar sound is constant all the way through the recording apart from ambient interludes between tracks and may be manipulated for melodic, rhythmic and atmospheric effect: at the beginning of track 2 "Post Fatalism" for example, the guitars appear as a flowing cascade of metal acid. This treatment is then repeated throughout the track.

It's best to hear the album as a whole work in itself: it works as a concept album and all the tracks are linked by industrial / ambient music or field recordings / found sound snippets which are often very soft, meaning that you have to hear the album loudly to get the full sonic experience. There are spoken word passages, some of which are by the musicians themselves who sound as if they are talking through an old radio set with only AM reception, and others which might have come from old 1950s / 1960s B-grade Hollywood sci-fi and horror flicks (and some samples seem to have good old horror star Vincent Price's voice on them!); but there's usually not much singing so much of the music can be called instrumental. Indeed, this could be a soundtrack to a movie mixing themes and ideas from science fiction, horror, fantasy and other genres with a Satan / devil-worshipping fixation into one almighty audio-visual nightmare. The tracks are usually fast, chaotic and don't feature any melodies or riffs that might identify them (track 6 "Wizened Hand" keeps adding new riffs all the way through its length) and you can think of them as chapters in one long narrative that is horrific but whose grueseome conclusion you can see coming a mile off.

Best track here is the title piece which has moments of unbearable sadness and passages of melting voice. The best music tends to be in the first half of the album; as the recording progesses, it seems to lose a bit of steam and the variety of atmospheric effects and treatments seems to get less. The music at the end peters out in a series of sampled voices and static rather than conclude in a predictable schlock-horror melodrama treatment but you can guess that when alien and human minds contact each other outside their own bodies, one side wants to take over the other side and no prizes will be awarded for guessing which is the stronger side! Overall, this is good black metal fusion music and worth checking out.