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A bit overlong and repetitive - 65%

Mungo, November 19th, 2006

I wouldn't say this release is particularly bad, it's just the individual songs are a bit overlong and repetitive. While this problem is not as prominent in 'On the Road', the first track 'Man on the Street' could've had a bit of length cut off it. The main riff of the song, although pretty good, is repeated throughout both of the songs to the point where it can get a bit boring.

The thing that saves this, though, is the great solos and vocals by Bruce Dickinson. It is interesting how Bruce's voice was quite different from the later, more 'operatic' style he would develop in Maiden. The solos are excellent and show the potential of the guitarist, and there is a nice keyboard solo in 'Man on the Street' before the guitar comes in.

So in conclusion, although it is a little average for NWoBHM, this is quite a fun release with some great solos. It's also good to hear what Dickinson was like before Maiden. If you see it floating around on the net (which is where I got my copy), I recommend grabbing it, if only for the aforementioned reason.