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Death metal that crushes your nuts - 86%

Hungersorg, June 1st, 2007

After seeing them live, I decided I had to give their new album a listen. There are certain changes from the demos to this, for an example, they have removed 'Anal' from the song title "Choked In Anal Soil". And "Prime Murder Suspect" used to be called "PMS(Prime Murder Suspect)", which had a lot more humour to it. "Weapons of Assdestruction" is now just "Weapons".
I asked them what these changes were for, and they answered it was because the titles were looked at as jokes. I guess SM decided to get a little more serious and leave the humorous inputs behind. Or maybe it is to avoid distraction, I remember when they played live, a person from the audience randomly yelled out "Weapons of AssDestruction!!" and actually made the lead singer laugh.

But they have still managed to keep the sound, showing that the awesomeness of the danish death metal scene has just begun. Forget Illdisposed, this is what you need.
A part of the awesomeness is the fact they sound original for a band that started in 2003. Most of modern death metal bands ripp of either Bolt Thrower or Cannibal Corpse, but no, these guys have certainly managed to create something original, and at the same time good.

This whole new wave of danish death metal looks quite promising. Just look at bands such as Corpus Mortale, Thorium and Hideous Invasion just to mention a few, but nevertheless Spectral Mortuary ranks above all of these. The catchieness of the guitars is overwhelming, evil raw vocals, a bass to keep the hatred of the sound, and powerfull drumming.
I wouldn't mind that the sound was a bit rawer, since it's pretty fancy for a death metal band. I guess they just want the best for their fans, but the rawness donates a lot to the album's atmosphere. That's the only real complain I can come up with. For anyone who hunger after some original and worthwhile death metal, this is definitly a must have.

The album cover is quite morbid. If you look closely, that is. First look, you will probably just notice the two skulls. Zooming in though, there's more to it than that. It seems kind of slayer inspired, just less abstract. Could have been a bit more gory considering their lyrics are, but it's no biggie.

For the end, it has one of the most fitting outros I've ever heard. Melodic, but not overdone melodic. Being just an instrumental, this is certainly to make quite an atmospheric ending to the album, which they definitly suceed at.