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experimental colonscopy - 78%

caspian, January 2nd, 2016

Aside from this EP I've only heard III, but based on that album at least the dude behind Spectral Lore seems to really know what he's doing. Don't think I'll ever fully wrap my head around that ridiculous beast of an album, which is what makes this album a bit of an oddity. It's not a bad album- there's plenty of beautifully evocative moments, for sure. But it's forever lacking a little bit.

I think the drone/ambient fan in me was basically hoping for a bit more repetition. Not Stars of the Lid lowercase kind of stuff (although that would've been great too), but perhaps the themes being given a fair bit more time to really establish themselves and get properly fleshed out. The title track's a good enough example, as is Sun Drone and Experimental Spectroscopy, where great Master of Orion/Mass Effect kind of themes play themselves out before they really get a chance to resolve. It's almost like Mr.Spectral is kind of embarrassed to bring in any drum programming, as the moments where the drums come in tend to fade back into relatively beatless ambiance fairly quickly.

Still, while I think this "it tends to end too quickly" is a valid criticism and certainly the biggest flaw of the album, it can (and should) be interpreted as a bit of a compliment too. There's a lot of really great ideas jammed into fourty or so minutes here, lots of very different ideas too, from upbeat, major key moments, relatively fragile drones, even a little bit of dabbling in dark ambient here and there. The production is really pristine and sits super well, and it's all been executed really brilliantly, each track really standing out on its' own as a nifty little composition. From what I can gather, the "space video game music soundtrack" really is by far the best way to describe this album- there's no metal to speak of and I could've sworn "Arrival and Terraforming" is somewhere on Master of Orion II.

And that's probably the best buying guide for this album, really. Do you enjoy spacey video game soundtracks? If so, there's no doubt this will appeal to you. I would've preferred the occasional longer track, but it's still a lot of fun. An imperfect but overall very enjoyable bit of spacey escapism.