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He did it again. - 100%

Opus_Oculto, March 28th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2014, Digital, I, Voidhanger Records

He did it again.

Ayloss, the man behind the mystical Greek atmospheric black metal band Spectral Lore, released once again a work of high artistic level, surprising even the older fans of the band III, as the album is simply called (logically following the tradition of the previous ones, I and II). This is a collection of songs whose diversity makes the listener get immersed in a mental journey through uncharted regions or parallel dimensions of outer space. It is a grand and epic work, long enough to take the listener to a state of musical trance.

Each track carries a different aspect of the band, ranging from the chaotic black metal characteristic of Spectral Lore, where several instruments overlap simultaneously generating a sense of disorder and despair (as in the opening track of the album, Omphalos) to merely instrumental tracks, played on the acoustic guitar, as The Rider in The Lands Of An Infinite Dreamscape, which seems to have come from an Opeth album. The vocals, always in the background in the mix, are one of the strengths of III, presenting a strong and well done guttural.

But Spectral Lore’s III is all about melodies: they appear all the time, on all tracks. Long, rhythmic, creative melodies that sound so dark and melancholic in some songs, aggressive and cutting in others. The guitars are the flagship of the songs, giving place for all the creativity of Ayloss to manifest.

The tracks evolve beautifully, always mixing different instruments in an atmosphere that goes from the calm sound of a synthesizer to pure black metal blast beats. It really does not seem to be a one man band. III is a great work of versatility and is not limited to present typical atmospheric black metal that you find in bands like Mare Cognitum or Darkspace. Here the multi-instrumentalism makes the listener travel through several musical genres within one album, or even a single song. Lyrics are also very inspiring, most of them telling histories about ancient Greek mythology and self-knowledge.

Definitely one of the best releases of the genre in 2014.