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Crusty Black Thrash - 80%

Star-Gazer, July 21st, 2004

I read somewhere that 400 of these CDs were confiscated by German authorities. I am guessing that is the circumstances behind the reason my copy came with a lame red construction paper insert with completely different artwork than the original release. Oh well - at least I was able to hear this album.

The album starts with some whispering and ambient "music" of sorts. This song is called "I.A.O." There are two voices whispering in an unknown language and maybe a didgeridoo playing in the background.

After all of that silliness a blasting riff really kicks off the album. Sounds like crusty thrash/speed metal with some 1990's Norwegian black metal influences. Decent sounding, but nothing memorable.

The next song is "Nutron Hammer." It starts off mid-paced, but quickly starts to be in the same speed as the previous song (which is not a bad thing!). About midway through there is a nice break and the riffing changes a bit through the rest of the song. This really is a good example of how powerful simplistic thrash/black metal can be. Even are included are some high-pitched screams ala Absu.

"Bloodlines," which follows "Nutron Hammer" is probably my favorite on the album. A bit more musical than the other songs, it is still great thrashy black metal. Some mid-paced riffage through the middle of the song is what makes this song a standout.

"Cosmic Devastator" reminds me of some of Destroyer 666's lesser songs. Plodding at times, it is still a decent song in the scheme of things. Some of the riffing reminds me early Mayhem.

The last actual song on the album is also the longest. At 8:13 "Zeal for the Law for the War for the Day of Vengeance" does not terribly impress me. Fast blasting for the majority of it makes this a song which can get tiresome to listen to. Some interesting and creating riffing at the makes it somewhat worth listening all they way through, but the 5 minutes of blasting was a little to repetitive for my ears.

The album closes with riffing, noise, feedback and an echoing voice.

If you are a big fan of the OZ underground scene, low production black metal, or are a completist, I would say it is worth the effort to find this album. Otherwise, there are many other bands which can fill your needs.