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Spear of Longinus > Domni Satnasi > Reviews > imperialgoat
Spear of Longinus - Domni Satnasi

Headbanging Blackthrash - 83%

imperialgoat, November 7th, 2006

Spear of Longinus is one of those bands who try to make you think on a different number of levels. How much they suceed, I don't know for sure. It did make me think somewhat, mainly "What dickhead wrote these shit for brain lyrics?" They try to be philosophical, but it just comes across as really dumb. A classic example of not so intelligent people trying to sound intelligent. All that happens is you get them talking about deep things, without really talking about them at all. Passing mentions of ideas, devoid of any coherence. But lyrical content aside, you do get some quality blackthrash on this album.

The first thing about this album is the good production found here. To clarify, I have the remixed version released on Vinland Winds, so this might be different on the original. It is kind of thin, but fits the music perfectly. Also all the instruments can be heard clearly, without overpowering each other. The songs themselves are mostly fast, but not to the point where everything becomes a giant blur. There are some slower parts, which are used well. They seem to fit where they are, not randomly thrown in because they are supposed to be there. There are a few solos, but not in every song. When they do appear, they aren't amazing, but fit into the songs well. Not some random thing thrown in to allow the guitarist to wank off with his guitar. The vocals here are mostly raspy black metal style, but there is some range in them. Not the guy I would want singing for a power metal band, but pretty good for this style. Finally, the bass follows the guitar, but I prefer this to someone who goes and does their own thing. I feel this keeps the songs together

I do have a few complaints about this. The main one is the drumming. While it isn't bad by any means, it does get boring and predictable. There are some parts where some really neat fills could be thrown in, but they don't do it. It just stays with the same few throughout the album. Also, a couple of the longer songs (Nomad Heretik and Tribal Warsz) seem to drag on, playing the same riff too long at the end instead of just ending the damn song. Tribal Warsz also cuts off very abruptly at the end.

Overall, this is a good blackthrash album with dumbass lyrics. If you don't care about these type of things, this is well worth the money to add to your collection. One last thing, these guys ARE an NS band. I know most who read this won't care one way or the other, but I feel it should be mentioned.