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Burritos are my favorite food - 100%

raspberrysoda, May 19th, 2017

Before...and After has to be one of the most fucked up (in a good way) metal albums ever created. It will make you piss in your goddamn pants. It has influences from thrash, grindcore, crossover, hardcore punk, and RUDOLPH THE FUCKING RED NOSED REINDEER, among others.

The album starts with one of the best intros in all of the history of heavy metal. Forget Battery, Fight Fire With Fire, Angel of Death, Holy Wars, or Crystal Ann, because they don't have an entire minute of a high pitched something saying "mememememeeeeeeeeee mememememeeeeee" with a guy in the background mumbling in gibberish. After the weird violin part ends, the really weird part of the album starts. Non-stop riffing, soloing, super tight drumming, time changes, and intense bass work are mixed together with the super eccentric atmosphere of the album and the endless influences that are fused with the music that will make your brain blow up. The music progresses from pure thrash mayhem, to grind-influenced parts, to Mexican-sounding clean parts, and to just pure fucking Armageddon.

"Tape Head" Tito is a very versatile vocalist. He can do some great growls, screams, "evil" vocals, and hardcore shouts, but most of the time he sounds like a really lazy hungover dude, which after an intense night of drinking and smoking pot that resulted in writing the most fucked up songs ever, his friends woke him up and said "GOD DAMMIT TITO WHILE WE WERE DRUNK WE GOT SIGNED TO FUCKING EARACHE AND WE'RE GONNA RECORD VOCALS TODAY". They perfectly fit the album's chaotic and avantgarde atmosphere which immediately brings bands such as Butthole Surfers and Faith No More to mind.

Although the songs themselves seem to chaotic at first, once you get into the theme and atmosphere of the album they all "make sense" in some way and their overly chaotic manner suddenly seems very organized and planned ahead. The song "Mexicali" (which is the best in the album" is the best example for this- it features six whole minutes of inside (and outside) jokes, a thousand style changes, and a thousand more tons of pure goof but it all works out in the end with all of the song's parts being super memorable- especially the Rudolph the Reindeer part which is really surprising, even for Before...and After.

One of the most important things in this album is, guess what, the lyrics. They are downright epic, amazing, and very VERY humorous. They mostly consist of inside jokes, the band members' names, parody, and more funny stuff. No single paragraph/line can be quoted in order to prove this fact, because no lyric in this album can be picked as one that fully describes the album.

If this album was recorded when the band members were sober and clean, it just proves that this album is a crowning achievement in a history of music- and if they were drunk and high, the album still kicks ass. Very highly recommended.