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Wipe'n em out since '86. Classic Spazztic. - 90%

RRMustaineRR, March 7th, 2014

Spazztic Blurr were a side project of Tape Head Tito and Marco Sharko Zorich from Wehrmacht, joined by Burger King Eric and Booger Bass Dave back in the mid-late 80s. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on this demo it is one of the most unique recordings you'll ever hear. The musicianship is stunningly executed and boy is it fast. For a couple of kids they play unbelievably fast and have a great, fun sense of humor.

Back in '86 music of this speed was nearly unheard of with very few exceptions. Around this time you had Repulsion, Sarcofago, and Napalm Death playing at similar speeds, however Scum wasn't released until 1987. For 1986, you will not hear any blast beats played this fast. Burger King Eric's rhythms and blasts on Bonanza Blurr, Wipeout, Call in Sick, and Mexicalli are HUGE precursors to the typical Pete Sandoval/Ken Owen/Mick Harris blast beats that became well known in the late 80s. Mad kudos to Eric for being one of the earliest users of the grind hammer blast and playing it at ferocious speeds on this demo. Very comparable to DD Crazy's blasts on the Warfare Noise Compilation and Dave Grave on Horrified for 1986. The rest of the band are no slouches either. Dave Merrick and Marco are adept players and never lose the tightness during each song. Tito is extremely versatile as a vocalist and is able to belt the lyrics at amazing speeds to complement the songs and their goofiness.

As for the songs all of them have a funny aspect to them, I like it a lot. Very unique. Bedrock Blurr and Call in Sick pokes fun at the Flintstones, BB 5-0 has the Bonanza and Hawaii 5-0 themes, Spazztic Puke and Let there be Blurr are odes to the band's goofiness and drunken party mania, they even sing the damn ABCs. Hilarious! Even the front cover (made by Marco) is cool.

Wipeout and Mexicalli are arguably the best songs on the demo, showcasing Spazztic's great sense of humor (the Wipeout intro is pretty entertaining) and musical aptitude. Fuck can these guys play fast and make funny songs. Wipeout starts out at a pretty standard speed then goes double time after Marco's solo. Eric must have passed out after that take he is really goin' for it. Mexicalli is the band's epic of the demo and probably the greatest Spazztic Blurr song out of their two releases. Flintstones-Speedy Gonzales-Mexican-burrito-puke-surf-hardcore-BurgerKing-Christmas Carol-heavy metal-death-grind madness!!!

Short and sweet, its definitely a demo worth checking out and their full length LP. These guys were the real deal along with Wehrmacht. They take humor and put it to good use. Fans of Wehrmacht, Suicidal Tendencies, O.L.D., Repulsion, and even Frank Zappa would enjoy this.