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Render me speechless - 98%

Destroyeroftheweak, November 21st, 2007

Spawn of Possession's "Noctambulant" is a very rare and special death metal release, to say the least. After their first release "Cabinet", I was skeptical about this. Cabinet was technical but somewhat dull death metal, which didn't impress me at all. But Spawn of Possession kicked my elitist beliefs into the dirt with this rare gem of death metal.

I didn't care much about the ambient instrumental thing, partly because I always skip them on death metal albums. The second track "Lash By Lash" is one of the most impressive tracks on this album, consisting of very clean guitar and well...blasting. The shine of this song is the songwriting, it's very fast, brutal, and amazingly technical. Most elitists now think of Necrophagist or Martyr when Tech. Death is mentioned, but introduce Spawn of Possession because well...Spawn of Possession pretty much defeat the competition.

There are very very few dull tracks on this album, the tracks "Sour Flow" and "Solemn They Wait". Other than that, every other is packed with skill, technicality, and originality.The tracks that really stand out to me are "In My Own Greed", "Lash By Lash", "Render My Prey", and "Scorched". The last mentioned song is a spectacle of death metal, it starts with a ambient intro with the sound of fire, then a baroque style harpsichord sounding neoclassical keyboarding, then the insane blasting. Most likely the most brutal track on the album, the vocals are done very fast to keep pace with the face pounding riffs and drumming. The album finishes itself off with a very satisfying ending.

The only complaint with this album is well, I want more! The loss of Dennis Rondum is also very saddening because he played the key role in Spawn of Possession. I recommend this album to any death metal fan. Throw away your Necrophagist, Beneath the Massacre, The Faceless, or any other mediocre tech. death album and pick this up.