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Brilliant - 94%

Dark_Mewtwo1, June 26th, 2006

Spawn of Possession has picked up steam in the metal underground in recent years due to the word-of-mouth success of their debut album Cabinet. Well, 3 years after the fact, the band releases their sophomore effort to many waiting fans. I wanted this album to be just a little bit better than Cabinet, but I got something more.

The band experiments a little more on this album. They turned up the technicality up a notch, more technical than Cabinet was, but they don't overdo it, like Necrophagist or some other tech death bands. The band also shows their affinity for adding random things into the songs. Lash By Lash has a little clean guitar break, and Scorched, the final track, has a minute long intro in which there's nothing but clean guitar work and nice, melodic solos which weave in and out in a pretty strange polyrhythm. Each of the tracks on Noctambulant deliver, they are punishing yet technical, but neither side is overpowering. The vocals are pretty low sounding, just like on Cabinet, so if you were a fan of those vocals, these are pretty much like that, and they fit the frantic style of the music very well. The drumming is superb, extremely technical, with blast beats used in extremely tasteful sections of the song, not being completely retarded like many bands like to do. The guitar riffs are excellent, never staying put on a riff very long, just going from riff to riff to riff and maybe back to riffs, but not staying on one idea too long, so it keeps you guessing. Even the bass has a few appearances here.

The main drawback I see with the album is the pretty mediocre showing of the bass. It does show up at times, but for the most part, it is drowned out in the mix. My only other complain is Sour Flow, which is a good song, but somehow doesn't flow well in my mind (maybe it's why it was called that by the band, lol) with the rest of the album. But aside from those two complaints, this album delivers the goods for any death metal fan. If Spawn of Possession was poised to become one of the best in death metal, they've surely taken the next step toward that goal with this album. I highly recommend this.