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Just shy of perfect... - 99%

Chaos_Inferno, June 11th, 2008

I can say that this album especially has solidified Spawn of Possession as my favorite brutal tech death band. It's technical without being overbearing like Epitaph, and still more brutal than a lot of bands.

Every riff is expertly crafted to be technical and pleasing to the ear, with drumming to match it. Normally very little tech death drumming ever impresses me because everyone seems to be blown away by pure speed. Scorched is the only time I've ever been impressed by speed, granted I've heard live he must two hand the freaking THREE HUNDRED AND TEN BEAT PER MINUTE BLAST BEATS but even attempting to play such a song is commendable in itself. On top of this he uses a few techniques and playing styles a bit unique to most tech death, breaking the generic mold quite easily.

The fact Dennis also pulled off the vocals for the album is incredible as well, he has one of the clearest while remaining brutal, as well as fast death growls I've ever heard, keeping pace with his blast beats throughout the album.

Solos on the album aren't incredibly common but when they show up they're well done, it's not particularly necessary for there to be many solos on the album as it is because of the incredible technicality of the riffs.

The only thing that I think could've been done better with this album would've been the shortening or removal of the samples that begin the album and begin Scorched. They're rather unncessary, not detrimental to the songs but still rather unnecessary in their length, even though they are only about a minute long. Something closer to 30 seconds like the opening of Church of Deviance on Cabinet would've been more fitting, at least in my opinion.

Overall, as close to as perfect a tech death album as I've ever heard, recommend it to anyone who enjoys some form of extreme metal.