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Technical death metal's overlords - 88%

BloodIronBeer, February 4th, 2013

This band embodies technical death metal. Rapid-fire growls, absurdly complex, ridiculously fast and ever-changing guitar parts, bass that is treated like a separate instrument; not an extension of the guitar, and drum parts that will give a veteran drummer a headache.

The production here is a notch above Cabinet, but not quite as good as Incurso. The guitar tone has been made more acceptable (not so thin sounding) but it doesn't have the punch and fullness of Incurso. The sound of the band becomes more refined at this point; not indicative of what Incurso would be, but slowly making every riff count for something, and contribute to the over all picture. This is probably the most straightforward of their releases, Sour Flow is actually not very crazy by this band's standards, and uncharacteristically mid-paced throughout. Dead and Grotesque is fairly technical, but stylistically reminds me more of Cannibal Corpse than this band's signature style.

Be prepared to follow a dizzying path to what the guitar does next, even playing slower tracks, the guitar riffs are incredibly busy. Again there is an overtone of classical elements; with impeccable harmony and lyrical phrasing throughout. Which is really what makes this band what it is.

Unless the last track of an album is an "epic", normally the final track on an album is garbage - either an acoustic outro, or some boring bullshit. Don't miss the last track on this album. After a strange harp carnival-music intro, there begins one of the fastest songs I think I've ever heard. So intense!

The lyrics, despite the grammatical errors in spots, are very poignant, very apt for this style, not really themed about the demonic stuff like the other albums - which I love - but still pretty cool.

I guess this is their "accessible" album, if such a leap of relative terms could be made. A bit slower, a bit more straightforward, not quite as great of riffs and guitar work, but still right there and a damn good album.