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Spastic indeed! - 97%

Spawnhorde, February 11th, 2004

I can't give it a hundred. What I CAN do, however, is commend this INCREDIBLY talented band for this psychotic schizophrenic craziness.

I don't even know where to start, and neither does this fucking band. Everything is so weirdly put together, and incredibly done, that you can't help but marvel at the technicality.

A Wild Hare, Just A Little Dirty, and The Mad Data Race are the three ultimatum songs.

The drumming, guitars, bass...everything is just so...fucking...awesome. The drummer is all over the place. The guitarist is a fucking nutcase. The bassist is amazing If you don't have this in your collection, you're a moron.

A Wild Hare starts with a grindy little guitar driven intro, but the drums are very unlike grind, and the tone of everything is really high. If these guys wanted to, they could be like Estradasphere and just play every fucking genre, because they're that talented. Just on a whim, just like that.

The Mad Data Race has the most crazy drumming ever. This guy goes ape on his entire fucking set, and he never really stops to take a break. Having stamina like this is incredibly amazing. The drums and guitar are so far apart from having a rhythm, it's like they recorded everything in seperate places and couldn't hear what each other were playing, and just glued it all together, but somehow it ended up going together incredibly well, but also not, in a way. It's hard to explain, you just need to listen to the songs.

Just A Little Dirty is almost impossible sounding to even attempt to play. If you want to wow your friends who think metal is just a bunch of screaming crap with no substance, let them hear this (even though everything is instrumental), and see if they still think that. If they do, kill them, and kill them quickly. One helluva release, and I will run to the store and obtain Ink Compatible when it hits shelves later this year.