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Briefly entertaining guttergrind - 60%

autothrall, October 31st, 2009

This is the sophomore effort from brutal Czech grinders Spasm, and it delivers the goods with super dense guitar distortion, a range of hilarious vocals including brutal death and then by extension the guttural sounds of a slop hog on tracks like "Paedophiliac Kindergarten Party".

So here's a band with some funny song titles that actually have reasonably fun music behind them, as simple as it is. "Outdoor Snuff Derby", "Beautiful Human Toilet", "Horny Rectal Alchymist", "Multicolour Shit Eater", "Sperm Pool Championship", "Penis Tuning", "Interdental Hairiness in Blossom" and my favorite "Asian-Teens Squirting Laboratory". These are sick, scatological mother fuckers, is what I'm trying to say. But all this isn't enough, they had to cover a fucking T.A.T.U. song "Loves Me Not". Yes, a brutal grind cover of the annoying Russian pop rocks, and wait until you hear the vocals on THAT. It's probably the catchiest thing here and their may be some 'lyrical tampering' within ha ha ha.

I can't give Paraphilic Elegies my highest recommendation because, really, once you get over the humor of the song titles and listen a few more times, what is there? The music sounds nice and crunchy on the album but the riffs are just a few notes and not memorable whatsoever. The band thrives on its humor side, like many perverse goregrinders. To that effect, Spasm is funnier than most. Grinders should give it at least a listen for this reason. I liked the cover art for this. And it certainly sounds like the band had fun making it.