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Spancer > Countdown to Victory > Reviews > DeadFetus
Spancer - Countdown to Victory

Heavy and Angry - 82%

DeadFetus, November 9th, 2002

Spancer, a "goddamned bloody doom-band," hails from Germany and they are surprisingly competent. Slow, heavy as all hell riffage, angry, hateful vocals, and hard hitting percussion are all key aspects of this demo. The sounds is somewhat similar to Khanate, and these guys would fit right in at Southern Lord.

Countdown to Victory has four songs, and the shortest clocks in at 7:41-- that means there are close to forty minutes of angry, heavy doom metal on this demo and that is okey-dokey for this reviewer. From the opening, Spancer starts off with some heavy, earth-shattering doom with "Receive My Firestarter." The song lasts for eleven minutes and doesn't quit. The riffs weigh more than a fucking meteor and it is just awesome to behold.

The only bad thing I can say about Countdown to Victory is the opening to the third track, "Asunder." It opens with this boring and pointless riff. The stupidity soon ends though as by the 1:30 mark the metal kicks in and more heavy ass doom metal ensues. If not for that very annoying intro, this album would have gotten 5 skulls.

Bottom line: Like Doom? Check out Spancer. They are hard to get samples of, seeing as they don't have a web site, but just take my word for it, these guys are the real deal. Heavy, hateful, doomy, awesome.

First Published @ (c) 2002