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Fast smashing groove at its fiercest - 90%

Ratas, June 12th, 2005

For 15 years, Soziedad Alkohlika have been one of the most well known bands in the metal and punk scene since their demo "Intoxicacion Etilika", although their influence in their music of the latter is something attitudinal and lyrically reflected.
Explosive concerts (I swear, they are brutal as none other), a critical and intelligent lyrics and well-composed angry music built up their huge status and massive fan base. After all this time, they are still able to gather more than 20.000 lads in their gigs.
Their former style, with deep roots in metal, hardcore as well as classic death metal influences evolved to its utmost consistency with "Ratas", their most complete and aggresive work to date.
The opening song starts off with some of the sickest heavy grooves you have ever heard in a Crowbar vein for some minutes till it breaks in to a fast-paced thrash metal attack, reflecting what we are going to find in the rest of the album.
The lyrical content, attacking manipulation through the media, as well as our regular simian-flock attitude displays the prevalent attitude in S.A.'s history. Straight critic with no concessions, and with an intelligence that has even brought political and social pressure upon them.
"En el Tejao", one of their all-time hits, they play fast, aggresive thrashcore with such an incredible groove that only their incredible drummer can preform with pummeling fast drumming mixed with technicality and smashing rhytyms in the "slower" parts.
The song, "SueƱos Rotos" opens with an industrual feeling to introduce a groovy metal riff that builds up rythmically to a head banging chorus and then to an incredibly fast paced thrash bridge where Juan, the singer, shouts and growls with his usual big effect, he is no second rate singer, he is a clever and pissed off man.
"Los Malos Colores" is one of their most recognizable songs and moshing anthems.
Don't get me worng. With S.A., the moshing is constant, and not only in the pit as well as at the back of the crowd. I've seen them live quite a few times, and always get bruises and sore areas in my body, this band drives people really mad.
The rest of the album share the same quality, and there is no space to breath till its over. I strongly suggest this album to anybody into 90's modern metal, thrash, hardcore or even death metal, they play all this, and with the utmost conviction, brutality and originality.
Definitely one of the best spanish metal bands, and this is no personal opinion, but one shared all over the country. This is almost a must have.
Sheer brutality.