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Polvo en los Ojos - 65%

Ratas, July 12th, 2005

In constant evolution, it seemed that this band had already recorded their best albums, topping their style with "Ratas" and "NIHEESC". And, with this release, they wouldn't prove the contrary, issuing their weakest effort in a large and awesome discography.
2000 saw the band taking influences from more modern Soulfy-esque acts, plus their usual dose of metalcore. They have always been an open-style band, but here the focus on the punk-rock influences is taken to entire songs, being the other tracks mostly on the metalcore side. By no means do the songs fall apart, they are consistent and well structured, they are only weak.
The opening tracks are more on the metal side, and though they can be ok (I still listen to them now and then) they are just unoriginal, while the punk-rock songs scattered through all the album are stronger. Actually these songs can please most punks or punkrockers, they ARE intense, but not for metal ears.
The usually excellent and aggresive drumming is gone for a colder, mechanical drumming, a brilliant and cold preformance. The guitars cover the styles mentioned before, and sound clean and heavy in the metal songs, there is just little originality to be found. The bass is ok, and the singing dosen't sound that pissed off anymore, yet the lyrics are still great, being the only instrument giving a "S.A." stamp on the music.
The production is perfect, but the album is just lacking content. Just recommendable to die-hard fans (like me) or people into punk or rock looking for some intense shit with no originality.