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The new songs don’t justify its existence - 67%

whensunburnsred, June 10th, 2010

I used to listen to this in vinyl, goddamnit! What kind of world is this where a man cannot listen to vinyl discs in his laptop? First it was the change from parchment to paper, then human rights for everybody, and now this… Thankfully god invented the “justice through Anthrax” concept! Even though the quality of the digital version I have now is not as good as ye olde vynile, I used to listen to this a lot when I was a kid and I can tell you that the digital rip is ok for reviewing purposes. Back then (I don’t know why exactly) I used to like it a lot. Several years after I look back, and despite finding good moments in it, I think I overrated it.

S.A. plays a very aggressive and groovy thrash – or at least they used to, I’m not familiar with their material after “No Intente Hacer esto en su Casa”. The music has a very distinctive style; you could make play a hundred of bands all at a time and still recognize them. Starting with the singing, for example, which is one of the trashiest and careless if ever heard; very deep growling, and always dwelling in the low frequencies, sometimes Juan Aceña sounds like he’s puking or burping rather than singing. In addition, to support his vocal lines drunken-pal-like backing vocals will often be used. The drumming is always very fast, powerful and with a characteristic metallic sound; not grindcore like metallic sound, but certainly quite metallic. The guitars always low, fast, loud and nasty will play the same ugly riffs over and over; helping to create a disgusting atmosphere that will make you feel like being in a nightmarish dark well full of cow faeces. I haven’t noticed the bass player to be honest, so it’s fair to say that his role is rather insignificant.

That’s the sound that made S.A. so recognizable and the previous description can be applied to all the albums up to and including Ratas. Now, the present EP has three songs that fit with the description, and the uninteresting cover of Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” translated as “A mi no me gusta el polvo” (I don’t like dust). Usually that should grant the EP a better score, but the problem is that 2 of those songs “Abre la boca” and “Sin dios ni na” - which are excellent songs - were previously released in their first full length release and demo respectively; this leaves us with two new songs, one of which is dull as it gets.

The title track, “Feliz falsedad”, follows the S.A. formula with aggressive riffs, – many of which are very punkish – intense rhythm and catchy vocal lines; in a full of humour fashion, S.A. bashes against Christmas spirit and consumerism that reigns in those dates. The song is fine, not as good as the last two, though; those are much thrashier and aggressive; with drums playing almost non-stop, and the singer burping as fast as possible (while saying words). “Abre la boca” and “Sin dios ni na” are frantic offerings of full-of-dirt extreme music, and the highlight of this EP. On the other hand, the cover track is a bass driven mid-paced song (well, you know “Another one bites the dust”, don’t you?), with the same two vocal lines repeated over and over and over ad-nauseam, with some extra screeches; nothing interesting to pay for.

Overall, the EP is ok, in the sense that there’s only one weak track. Even though, if you already own Intoxikazión Etílika and S.A. it’s not worthy to get the EP just for the song “Feliz falsedad”. If you liked this one, you should get the before mentioned releases and you should also check out the heavier Shovel Headed Kill Machine by Exodus.