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Brutal but boring.. - 50%

caspian, March 14th, 2008

I'm sure we all know a few bands that sacrifice everything for a good atmosphere. Perhaps it's a black metal band that overdoes the raw production (I'm also thinking of Xasthur here- powerful atmosphere but nothing really happens in his tunes), or a drone band that is just way too repetitive.

Well, Sourvein are one of those bands. Certainly what you have here is a competent, highly misanthropic slab of sludge, but you also have a record that's lacking memorable riffs and just trades in songwriting at the altar of incredibly loud guitars and hateful screaming.

As with most bands that do this, it's certainly an impressive sound when you first hear it. The production and general guitar riffage sounds MASSIVE, and there's absolutely no dynamics, which helps make it even bigger. Certainly, upon first listen tunes like "Nightwing" sound huge, and the samples are quite well executed. But the riffs aren't particularly memorable, just well produced, and while I can certainly see some hardened doom fans getting into this, I just don't really see the point of it.

..And that's pretty much it really. This album isn't bad, I don't hate it but I certainly don't like it (which makes writing this review particularly hard, as I don't have much to say on it). Certainly it's a well executed slab of hateful sludge, but in the end it doesn't really do anything to me, it's too samey and there's no real interesting variation, just the same slow riffs and boring drum beats again and again.

(edit: fixed some kooky capitalization stuff)