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Southern vultures gather on the horizon - 70%

JamesIII, March 18th, 2010

Sourvein is a band whose works are rather general of the sludge metal genre, although their stance on quality is sometimes higher than the other sludge bands out there. "Emerald Vulture" is their release I'm most familiar with and the only one that I currently own. Discussing this little EP isn't very difficult because any fan of Sourvein or their brand of sludge metal already knows what to expect.

Basically, you get a good four track helping of fat, chunky riffs that every good sludge metal band knows how to write. The beats are generally straight-forward and you get the idea that the band is shooting mostly for atmosphere here, which is something most bands of this caliber do. Sourvein establish a high sense of anger and utter disgust for the world around them, in a similar way that Eyehategod does, although the music here seems more focused and T-Roy is more tolerable in large doses than Mike Williams.

Truth be told, I wish I could say more about this release but alas, I cannot. The songs aren't that memorable, again, most sludge metal bands shoot for general atmosphere and not individual songcraft. That isn't to say the material here isn't any good, it certainly is, especially for fans of the more misanthropic, disgustingly angry forms of sludge metal that have become more and more popular with the rise of bands like Ultralord and the Abominable Iron Sloth. To that, Sourvein hits the nail on the head and its definitely good to hear that sludge is alive and well here in the South.