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source of tide review - 79%

abraxus, March 16th, 2006

Featuring Lord PZ of Peccatum and Cosmocrator [Zyklon], this release will instantly convey images of aural experimental entropy drained from the aforementioned bands as well as a rich and powerful operatic doom-laden chaos of huge metallic riffs. The equally dominant piano/choral passages tethered to clean and screeching vocals sets this album up before the listener where a vast majestic dark metal extravaganza begins to ooze into your mind.

Recorded at the infamous Akkerhaugen Lydstudio in Norway, the sound is crisp and instant allowing the complex nature of the material to be absorbed. This is a typical Norwegian sounding affair that veers between the modern operatics of Emperor and the off the wall keyboard arrangements of Peccatum. There are programmed and sampled sounds layered into the brooding and at times disturbing atmospheres. Extremity certainly has its place within the convoluted nature of ‘Source of Tides’ sound, but never to the point of Zyclon mode in terms of wanton brutality. If you like a very modern interpretation of Norwegian Metal rooted to the progressive elements of the likes of Emperor and their like, then this incisive and sharp release with its wrought hellish intricacy will no doubt tax your brains to the full.