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Was great in 1994, and still is! - 100%

overkill666, May 17th, 2009

As I've written many reviews for bands spanning from genres such as grindcore, black metal, and death metal..I've decided I need to review more things that had actually gotten me into metal. Soundgarden was one of the bands I listened to when I was younger, and I still avidly do. This band is a very nice mixture of grunge and hard rock. They aren't an intense band, but I love them anyways. This is just really interesting music which is widely accessible.

'Superunknown' is probably Soundgardens gateway album. Everyone knows the song 'Black Hole Sun', even if they aren't Soundgarden fans. Due to the radio constantly playing it, people only really get a small taste of Soundgarden. Though, Black Hole Sun is a good song, it isn't the reason I listen to it so much. 'Superunknown' is filled with variation, the kind that keeps me interested. There's a ton of upbeat, happy-go-grunge style songs such as 'My Wave'. These songs are plainly fun as hell, and are the kind of break you need from the rest of the album. There's also some slower, more depressive sounding songs like 'Head Down'. I'm not sure about everyone else, but I get that depressing vibe from this song with every listen. You really get a lot of different worlds of music when you give the entire record a spin. You can hear that stoner doom vibe in 'Let Me Drown', and the other attributed I have already stated. To be honest, I'll probably be listening to this band when I'm forty.

What sets Soundgarden above other grunge acts? Well for one, there's more than just fast power chords. If you think Nirvana is the most innovative grunge band, you live under a rock. The guitar writing style varies a lot, so it's hard to pinpoint exactly how they play. There's a ton of soloing, it isn't show-offy but it's great. There are thicker riffs, but there's also a lot of single-note picking. There's a lot of groove in the riffs, which is a grunge attribute. The bass guitar is also poppy, and stands out in the mix. The bass does it's function quite well in this music, as it makes the music more 'full', as well as its use for a melodic filler every now and then. The drum work is quite interesting, and I've never had a chance to talk about a style like this. Usually, it's blast beats and super fast fills I have to speak about. Though here, there's more variation. The typical grunge sounding jungle beat (which is a floor tom and snare combo), is used quite often. There's just a ton of steady rock beats going on, but a perk thrown in to make it interesting. Musically, 'Superunknown' is just great.

Another thing that sets Soundgarden above many 90's grunge rock bands is Chris Cornell. Damn, he's such a great vocalist. His voice is so powerful, and he's able to hit a lot of high and low notes. His range helps Soundgarden hit new heights. Also, his voice is very distinguishable. A lot of people can hear his singing, and note who he is. I've followed his work for a long time, as I'm an Audioslave fan. There really needs to be more clean singers like Chris Cornell. If there were, maybe newer bands of this type would sound that much better.

Well, Soundgarden is one of the bands that had gotten me into the music world. Soundgarden is an important band to me because they helped me along, as well as Alice in Chains. This is a pinnacle for its time, and anyone who still loves that 90's vibe will really love this. The only 'Superunknown' thing about this album is that you don't have it!