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Mustaine1, October 18th, 2003

Ok, so we have perhaps the best rock/grunge album of all times here, or certainly one of the best. SuperUnknown is a fucking brilliant album, and a standard. What you get here is complete musicianship. Perhaps the best vocal performance ever done by a singer. Chris Cornell really stamped his authority after this album, and made Kurt Cobain look like a kid. SuperUnknown was released in 1994, and was an instant hit, and made Soundgarden a big success. All the songs on SuperUnknown are an absolute must for any rock/grunge fan, and Soundgarden never believed in fillers. The album starts off with LetMeDrown, which is an excellent opener. Matt does some great work on the drums, and some great singing. MyWave is the next song, which just owns. The intro to the song is perhaps the best ever to a Soundgarden song. I love the song writing here. The next song is the best fucking song Soundgarden EVER DID. It's called FellOnBlackDays, and man it kicks serious ass. It's got an excellent compilation, outstanding lyrics, and a great melody. This is the strongest point of the album, and maybe the highest point of Soundgarden's carrier. Mailman is a bass-oriented song, and perhaps the second heaviest track of the album. It's a great song, with some fine guitar-work. The title track is the noisiest/heaviest track of the album, and just simply owns. Cornell shows his true colors here, and screams like hell. The leads done by Kim are excellent. The song is a great rocker, and must be played LOUD. HeadDown is probably the weakest song here, as compared to the other songs. It's basically a mid-paced track, and has a nice tune. The next track, BlackHoleSun was the song that made SuperUnknown such a huge success. It remained at top in the charts for a long time. It was an instant hit. It's a great track, and Kim steals the show here with his lead guitaring. Matt also does some nice work with his drums. SpoonMan is another fucking AWESOME song, and the second best ever Soundgarden song behing FellOnBlackDays. It's an excellent track, and has a great tune. It just OWNS! The next track, LimoWreck is yet another fine performance. The album's level never decreses. Cornell was such a fucking elite singer, and had so much variety in his singing, it's almost unbelieveable. LimoWreck is another example of that. He starts with a mellow voice, and then does the trademark screaming in the chorus. TheDayITriedToLive is the 10th track on the album. It's very good. The song-writing is a bit weak here, but that doesn't affect much. KickStand is a fast-paced track, and is an interesting one. It's something different to the previous songs. The next track, FreshTendrils is yet again, an excellent song. It starts off really fine, and has an excellent tune. Cornell's singing is the highlight here. 4thOfJuly is another KILLER! It's just a brilliant track. The song-writing, the guitars, the vocals, everything's great here. Half, the next song is a really interesting track. It's different than any other of the tracks on the album, and i really like it. The album finishes off with LikeSuicide, and there couldn't have been a better ending to an outstanding album. The song's outstanding. The song-writing's outstanding. The singing of Cornell just continues to grow, and the guitars back it up really well. Matt also does a fair job here.

So that was SuperfuckingUnknown. If you've got an inch of rock/grunge taste, SuperUnknown would be the album you'd love to have. GO BUY IT, and see for yourself what a great band they were. I won't name a best track here, because almost all the songs here are amazing. SuperUnknown was a benchmark, and a masterpiece!