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Good stuff! - 90%

MorbidAtheist666, August 9th, 2004

I haven't gotten a Soundgarden album since they released Superknown. I got it the year it came out. I'm not saying Soundgarden is bad, I just lost interest in them. That doesn't mean they suck. Neither does it mean Superunknown sucks.

This is Soundgarden's groundbreaking album. They were at the peak of their career with Superunknown. This is probably the album that made Soundgarden famous. Black Hole Sun was a song to be reckoned with back in 1994. I really love that song. It's got a really melodic intro. Chris Cornell's vocals are really impressive on this track. Especially towards, the end of the song. He shines on Black Hole Sun.

This is more of a rock album than a metal album. It does have some metal influences on this, but it's more rock. It is heavy, yes indeed. The guitars sound more rock than metal. Thayil has his moments and they are pretty good. The drumming doesn't sound so metal at all. If you really listen closely, it sounds more rock.

I really like the song Kickstand. It's a fast catchy song with great lyrics. It's not the standout track on Superknown, but it's really great. It's a short and sweet song. I enjoy this song a lot.

The standout track on here is, Spoonman. It features an extremely catchy riff and good vocals. I have no idea what the lyrics exactly mean, but they're pretty good as well. There's also some good drumming on this song.

I haven't had the oppurtunity to listen other Soundgarden albums, but I think Superunknown is fantastic.