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A sidekick to one of the best albums ever. - 82%

erickg13, October 27th, 2006

“Songs from the Superunknown” is a companion EP to the full length “Superunknown”. It contains songs that where alternative cuts or live versions of songs on “Superunknown”, and the European bonus track “She Likes Surprises”

My favorite song on “Songs from the Superunknown” is the acoustic version of “Like Suicide”. It’s basically just Chris Cornell sitting down with a 12-string acoustic and singing the song solo, also, in my opinion, is better than the version on “Superunknown”.

Also, the ‘video version’ of “Fell on Black Days”, besides the weird static and yelling at the beginning, is a more emotional provoking song, maybe due to how the vocals feel more natural and distressed than on the album version.

And it's worth mentioning the ambient sound/noise expirement “Jerry Garcia’s Finger”. Its songwriters are Ben Shepherd and Matt Cameron, so it doesn’t surprise me it sounds like a Wellwater Conspiracy song, their (Ben and Matt’s) side project.

Overall this is a nice little companion to the great “Superunknown”, and bolsters any Soundgarden fans collection with another great release from this band.