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Soundgarden - Screaming Life / Fopp

For their fans. - 77%

erickg13, September 23rd, 2006

The best thing that can be taken from Screaming Life/Fopp is that it is some of their earliest work and can still blow you away.

Most evident from songs made in their early years (1984-1988ish) is the fuse of Black Sabbath(“Nothing to Say”), punk (“Tears to Forget”) and expiremental noise excursions (“Fopp (DUB)”).

A good aspect of combining Screaming Life and Fopp is that Screaming Life is far superior EP, which helps give more power to the weaker Fopp. Though Fopp has an interesting cover of Green Rivers “Swallow My Pride”, which is very good. Fopp also provides the absolutely idiotic “Fopp (DUB)” though. But on the other hand the Screaming Life half offers you basically 6 songs without a dud (some are better than others but there is no lapse anywere).

My favorite tracks were “Nothing to Say”, “Little Joe” and “Swallow My Pride”.

Overall this is made for their fans who want to hear some more early stuff without having to hunt down rare vinyls. For such an early compilation of ragged music it is a fairly good listen