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For Devoted Soundgarden Fans - 90%

erickg13, July 28th, 2006

Soundgardens SatanoscillatemymetallicsonataS, or simply SommS, is for more diehard fans of Soundgarden. My thoughts are that if you already know about this EP your probally have already spent your money on a Soundgarden cd, and to those people i say find it and BUY IT!

Somms, a 5 song EP that came with special editions of BadMotorFinger, countains 3 covers("Into the Void/Sealth" - Black Sabbath, "Girl U Want" - Devo, "Stray Cat Blues" - The Rolling Stones) , 1 new song ("Shes a Politician") and 1 live song ("Slaves and Bulldozers"). The 3 covers are cool to see what Soundgarden has done to them (plus Chris sings like Ozzy!!!). Those covers keep you coming back to listen to it. The new song, "Shes a Politician", is a punky, less than 2 minute, mostly dismissable b-side. and the live version of "Slaves and Bulldozers", a proggy rocker taken from BadMotorFinger, is awesome! You really wish that Soundgarden released a live album when listening to this song.

For fans of Soundgarden this is worth finding, for everyone else you should check out Superunknown or A-Sides to really get a feel for them.