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Experience Soundgarden in Concert!v - 87%

erickg13, August 9th, 2006

Soundgarden's "Motorvision" is one of the better concerts I have seen on video. It contains only songs from "BadMotorFinger", their heaviest album, except for the obscure "Little Joe" from "Screaming Life/Fopp". The setlist is quite well mixed up, with the stronger songs evenly placed throughout.

Motor Vision does quite a good job at illustrating why Chris Cornell is often considered one of the best singers around. He is equal if not better live. Kims guitar work is amazing, also Ben Shepherds bass playing is second to none. Matt also demonstrates why he is so highly regarded.

With people regularly jumping on stage and and touching the Chris or Kim (usually). Sometimes early Soundgarden concerts are described as "the barrier between fan and performer was broken and they became one", Motor Vision shows what that means.

That said, watching Motor Vision is like experiencing it as though you were a fly. There is rarely ever a straight on shot. And many scenes have parts slowed down or sped up. Also some of the shots are at very weird angles.

In between most of the songs are mini interviews, all in black and white.

A clown comes on stage to introduce them...then the concert begins.

1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed - A great song to start with. One of my favorites. Pretty much matches the original.

2. Rusty Cage - The tuning in this performance is slighty different, but it ain't bad at all. Chris's vocals are great on this! Kim has a great solo.

3. Outshined - Sheer awesomeness. Chris's voice is awesome, and they tone it down a bit but that makes the chorus stick out that much more. Matt provides some great backing vocals, that help fill out the song.

4. Little Joe - Better than the original. Ben's bass playing is better on this version (than Hiros on the original). On the original Chris's voice is exremely high and he does a great job of replicating it live.

5. Mind Riot - Mind Riot, the only song that isnt breakneck paced throughout, is a nice way to mix it up. The driving bassline is great.

6. Room A Thousand Years Wide - My favorite song of the performance. It is slighty faster than the original, but chris's singing is great (as if that isnt a surprise?). The saxophones are awesome too, they are in the live version but they have a larger part.

7. Jesus Christ Pose - Starting off with Matt franticly pound the drum, soon followed by overly distorted guitars "Jesus Christ Pose" is one of the best performances here. Chris's vocals match the studio version, amazing really because they are so high in the studio version.

The largest interval segment is right here, it includes mini interviews and the guys sitting around in a van.

8. Slaves & Bulldozers - Wrapping it all up is the spacey, Pink Floydish, "Slaves & Bulldozers". Another great live performance. Though this is the only song were Chris seems to be overmatched singing his own studio stuff. His singing is still not bad though.

Seeing as how this was all taken from 2 concerts and not a whole tour or something like that, is credit to how consistantly good they were in concert.

This is an incredibly strong live performance, worth searching out for. It is really a bummer that A&M hasnt released this on dvd yet (who knows why?).